Precision BioMEMS

A Microfabrication Facility for Medical Devices

Precision BioMEMS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Precision Neuroscience, operates a 22,000 square foot micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication facility that produces our high-quality biocompatible microelectrode arrays and offers foundry services to pioneering third-party companies. Located in Addison, Texas, the facility includes an ISO class 5 cleanroom that is equipped with a range of advanced fabrication tools, with a focus on biocompatible processes and materials.

In-House Manufacturing

Precision uses photolithography and other MEMS manufacturing techniques to pattern our 1,000+ channel polyimide-based neural implants. Performing this specialized manufacturing in-house allows Precision to control the production and quality of the most critical component of our system, while allowing for rapid development of new technologies.

Foundry Services

Precision BioMEMS works with groundbreaking companies in fields such as medical diagnostics and advanced micro mechanical sensing to address complex problems. Our technicians and engineers collectively have decades of experience in MEMS, both for R&D projects and high quality production, and are continually exploring the most cutting-edge processing methods. Together with our partners, we are pushing medical device manufacturing into the future.

Over 50 Tools Spanning Broad Capabilities

  • PECVD films

    Expertise in process optimization for dielectrics, hard masks, and other PECVD applications

    • Silicon Oxide
    • Silicon Oxynitride
    • Silicon Nitride (Including low stress)
  • Lithography

    Decades of experience in lithography, with many resist chemistries for liftoff and etch

    • Single and double-layer liftoff
    • High temperature resist chemistries
    • Manual and automatic alignment
    • Frontside-backside patterning capabilities
  • Polymer film expertise

    Proven device structures on biocompatible substrates

    • Photosensitive polyimide
    • Non-photosensitive polyimide pattern and etch
    • Automated spin-coat
  • Etching

    Wet and dry etch capabilities

    • DRIE process
    • Oxide/nitride RIE
    • Polymer ICP etch
    • Descum and ash
  • Metallization

    We process biocompatible precious metals in both sputtering and evaporation.

    • Sputtering including Au, Pt
    • E-beam evaporation
    • In-situ ion beam etch
  • Wafer bonding

    Wafer bonding is available both mid-process and back-end, enabling medical device structures and microfluidic devices.

    • Anodic bonding
    • Fusion bonding
    • Polymeric bonding
  • Metrology

    Scalable in-line inspection enables fabrication with quality

    • Semi-automatic profilometry
    • Automatic thin film interferometry
    • Laser profilometry
    • Stress measurement
    • 4 point probe
    • Automated electrical test equipment
  • Post-processing

    In-house back-end processing, including wafer dicing and tape mounting

    • Wafer dicing
    • Laser scribe and cut
  • Plus...

    • Thermal processing

The Future of Medical MEMS

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