Our Mission

We are bringing life-changing brain technology to millions of people

Unlocking the potential of brain–computer interfaces with minimally invasive, high resolution neural implants.

Operating a computer using only your thoughts. It sounds like science fiction, but, in fact, scientists conducted the first successful experiments in brain–computer interface (BCI) technology in the early 2000s. Paralyzed people have used this technology to control robotic arms, play video games, and send messages with their minds alone. But it has yet to move beyond small-scale research settings and into mainstream medical practice. Precision is taking BCIs into the next era – creating powerful implants that will revolutionize treatment for neurologic disease.


We believe that the best technology puts people first. While brain–computer interface technology has exciting implications for the future of computing, everything we do at Precision is geared towards creating tangible, near-term benefits for our users: people suffering from neurological disorders.


Meet the people

Led by co-founder Ben Rapoport, a neurosurgeon with a PhD in electrical engineering, we are a team of experts with decades of experience building and implementing real-world brain–computer interfaces. The team is composed of specialists with cutting-edge expertise in diverse areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, microfabrication, ASIC design, software, business operations, patient advocacy, product design, and more.

Meet The Precision Team

A full-stack system

Our platform is comprised of a microfabricated electrode array, in-house designed microelectronics, and advanced machine learning software.